"Orpheus.Klangwege", a project of the Orpheus Trust, Austria, demonstrates the high quality and diversity of Vienna"s musical life before 1938 and is dedicated to the memory of musicians and composers who lived in Vienna"s 7th district and were persecuted, forced to flee or deported and murdered by the nazi-regime. It consists of:
A 5-week sound-installation in the 7th district: a short fragment of music composed or performed by the former inhabitants can be heard at the houses where these musicians once lived (daily from 4 - 6 p.m. or by pushing a button). When no sound document exists, a "musical signation" specially composed for this occasion by Wolfgang Suppan, a young Austrian composer living in the 7th district, and performed by the Klangforum), will be used.
The music fragment will melt with city noises to produce "fleeting sounds" that expose us to the accomplishments of artists who once lived here. A written text will hold the name of the musician and title of the piece, while a folder and a virtual exposition give more detailed information. If it was not possible to affix a "soundbox" to the house, the music can be heard at Siebensternplatz.

Live-events: concerts with music by composers that lived in the 7th district, guided tours, educational programmes with the district-schools, a virtual exposition and other events.

Commitee of Honors:

Julius Rudel, Conductor, New York
Moshe Hans Jahoda, Claims Conference Wien
Mag. Thomas Blimlinger, Bezirksvorsteher Wien-Neubau
Mag. Hannah Lessing, Nationalfonds der Republik Österreich
für Opfer des Nationalsozialismus
Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Hoher Repräsentant der Internationalen Gemeinschaft für Bosnien und Herzegowina, Sarajewo
Univ.Doz. DDr. Oliver Rathkolb, Historiker, Wien