Composition "Shattered Sounds"
For the musicians from whom no sound recording exists, the composer Wolfgang Suppan has composed the "Zerbrochene Klänge, Musik für eine Klanginstallation 2002" ("Shattered Sounds. Ensemble Music for a Sound Installation 2002").

Technical and Design
IEM - Institut for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the University for Music and Performing Arts, Graz
The Institute is on the cutting edge of natural science and art, of new technologies and musical practice. The research and development includes areas in the subjects of acoustics as well as theoretical work and the practical conversion of tasks.....??? of computer music.
The technical work for the Project Klangwege was partly developed by the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik Graz. On the basis of a freely programmable microprocessor the sounds are digitally saved, and the play mechanism is activated either randomly or by a button. The music is played from a small loudspeaker mounted behind the front plate.

d+ / Büro für Design
d+ was founded in 1998 as a collective (Martina Fineder, Dietmar Kanitz, Andreas Pawlik), which has occupied itself with design work in and between the trade fields of graphics, industrial design and interior design. Yearlong occupation with electronic music (Rhiz, Package Design Orchester 33/13, Plag Dich Nicht, Charhizma...), ecologically oriented design (worked together with Global 2000, Book project "Plastik 2000") as well as exhibtion design (Sounds&Files, Lebt und arbeitet in Wien...) are central topics.